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About us

Since years, the watches market place Watches Gems offers to all watch lovers wristwatches of high quality made from luxurius materials also employed in the confection in Haute Horlogerie. We are official resellers of High quality brand Jiusko. Because of the reliability, durability and performance of our products and the devoted personalized customer service, we can offer you High quality wristwatches which may follow you in all your socials, recreative and professionals activities. We are targeting the best experience for our customers from the order to the after sales support. We try to provide the best service and being sure that our customers are satisfied by our products and customer care services. We invite you to explore our collection to find the best watch for your needs.

Our mission

At  Watches Gems market place, we want to provide mens and womens watches that  response to their needs for any social, recreative and professional activities. We want to provide High quality watches to our future customers at an affordable price which allow everybody to enjoy quality watches on a daily basis.

Our promess

At  Watches Gems market place, we engage to provide High quality products which will last for a long time. We take care of our customers for providing the best experience. We focus on fast shipping and a personalized customer service. 

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