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Different technologies may powered watches and ensure reliability and longevity in terms of timekeeping. All our watches are powered by a Quartz or automatic mechanical movement which come from highly reputated manufacturers from Switzerland and Japan. As they are completely different in the conception and the matter of measuring time, we want you to know exactly what is the technology for making a clear choice considering your needs.

Quartz movements

The Quartz movements are powered by a battery which provide long lasting measure of time. They are made of electronic circuit regulated by a Quartz crystal. They offer accurate measure of time and require battery changes every two to three years.

JAPANESE Precise and reliable Quartz movement

Seiko YM15 Quartz movement

Mechanical movements

The mechanical movements are more complex than any other movements. They are made of hundreds of parts which measure time without the needs of a battery. These movements are powered by the natural motion of the wearer. It offers a low maintenance and are the most appreciated movements from the watch lovers and experts. These mechanisms are often considered as a form of art.

JAPANESE  Precise and reliable Automatic Mechanical movement

Seiko NH35Automatic mechanical movement


Complex Tourbillon watches with diamonds

Jiusko JFL0153L Tourbillon watch

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